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The Map Of Hawaii


Explore with the girls in The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool.

In the Subway
Coloring Sheets

Haromine examines Eros’ tattoo after she is nearly kidnapped with other people who have the same tattoo.

Child of Ares Tattoo

Eros’ tatto.

In The Reef With Coral, the Dolphin, and the Turtle

Coral Dolphin Turtle Reef

Princess Coral lives under water near Kauai and enjoys dolphin riding.

The Birthday Party Birthday Party

The girls meet Harmonie at Princess Coral’s birthday party. They learn they have inherited elementally based powers from their mythological parents.

The Princesses Riding the DolphinsGirls Riding Dolphins

The princesses go to Molokini and Turtle Town after Coral’s birthday party.

Aphrodite, Ares, and Harmonie


Ares and Aphrodite have a daughter named Harmonia in Greek mythology. This picture is an update to the myth that Aphrodite sprang from sea foam and is depicted on the sea shell, as seen here. In the Mystic Princess series, her name was updated to Hamonie.

The Princesses Practicing Their Powers
Girls Practicing Powers

The princesses must practice their powers to use them properly. It is scary when Catie’s gets tired and the girls fall while they are flying.

The Scary Shark and PrincessesScaryShark

Find out what happens when Scary Shark bullies the princesses.

The Damaged CastleDamaged Castle

Harmonie’s enemies damage King Neptune’s underwater castle.

The Celebration Feast


Why are the princesses celebrating at the end of the book?