Meet Author PJ LaRue

Meet Author PJ LaRueThank you for stopping by to meet author PJ LaRue. Along with other works, LaRue writes the Mystic Princess series. PJ is married and is in the process of adopting a teenage girl from the foster system. PJ and her family have two rescue cats, Shelby and Riley.  PJ is passionate about literacy, providing child safety tips, committed to spreading the word that bullying must be stopped and teaching children about environmental concerns through her writing.

Her favorite vacations are hiking to waterfalls. She loves to travel and plans to take the Mystic Princesses to different locales in future books. PJ wants to pass the love of travel and cultural diversity to young girls, along with the knowledge that they can solve their own problems.

Meet Author PJ LaRue
Spouting Horn, Poipu, Kauai

PJ and her husband went to Hawaii on their anniversary and saw Spouting Horn. They were lucky enough to be there when the double rainbow painted the sky. This picture was the inspiration for one of the illustrations in The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool.


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