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The Mystic Princesses and the Magic Show


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Judge, Writers Digest 24th Annual Self-Published Book Awards:
“I liked how author P.J. La Rue features strong female characters in The Mystic Princesses….I also liked the setting of New Orleans, and that the girls learn about Mardi Gras, New Orleans culture, history, and Cajun food. I would have appreciated a bit of a recap at the beginning since it assumes the reader understands everything from the first book….I liked reading about the girls rescuing oil-soaked birds in Alaska and seeing igloos and polar bears. Overall, LaRue teaches good values to readers while giving them a sweet fantasy aimed at second or third graders who might enjoy imagining the protagonists’ special powers….The illustrations are very bright and colorful….”

Reader Reviews5 Stars – indieBRAG Medallion
According to only 10% to 15% of indie books are awarded this honor!
We are proud to announce that THE MYSTIC PRINCESSESS AND THE MAGIC SHOW by PJ LaRue is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

Reader Reviews5 STARS – Readers’ Favorite – Reviewer Mamta Madhavan

“…The story is excellent and the very fact that it portrays these girls as powerful characters whose powers include the elements of water, fire, earth, and air is exciting to read. There are a lot of things woven into the plot that give the story many layers to it. The illustrations are bright and colorful and breathe life into the characters, scenes, and plot. The story will encourage readers to use their thinking skills, and it educates them on many new things which are useful and informative. An entertaining read.”


Reader Reviews:

“This is a charming story that can be read on so many levels. If you like to travel, you’ll love the references to New Orleans. If you like wonderfully executed illustrations, look no farther. If you like a bit of a mystery, the airport scene is wonderful, but I think the author’s ability to use fictional role models for young people who may find themselves in situations that could be dangerous is the message that I came away with. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” – Dianne Harman

“The story moves along nicely, and I love the colorful illustrations. The characters exhibit exemplary behavior: teamwork, compassion, and critical thinking. I especially like that the author gives a bit of information about our beautiful planet and wildlife and shows ways that readers might learn to help care for it and them.”Amazon Customer

“The Mystic Princesses and the Magic Show” is a fine chapter book for young girls in need of good positive role models, with colourful illustrations that complement the story well…First we get to find out a bit about New Orleans and the Mardi Gras, then we are transported to Alaska. We see the caring side of the princesses, as they help to care for wild birds caught up in an oil spill, and we also get to experience different aspects of Alaska – such as visiting a glacier, and seeing polar bears.” – M. J. Kinsman

The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool


Editorial Reviews:


Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-published Book Awards:
The boldly-colored illustrations nicely break up the text, making the story appealing for young/reluctant readers. The multi-ethnic cast of characters is appealing; the map of Hawaii is a nice touch….nicely unique, as are the princesses’ powers, (it’s good that they don’t work perfectly right away).  Harmonie and her fellow princesses are nicely drawn and believable.  There are many lovely or clever touches: the description of the sky, stars, and sea on page 8; the bad Children using the Internet to find Harmonie through happy places; Clever Clam living the events he teaches.  The theme of love and peace versus war is a good one, as is the need to use one’s skills to help others while avoiding overconfidence….

Reader Reviews5 Stars – indieBRAG Medallion
According to only 10% to 15% of indie books are awarded this honor!
We are proud to announce that THE MYSTIC PRINCESSESS AND THE WHIRLPOOL by PJ LaRue is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

Readers Choice 5star-flat-web sticker copy5 STARS – Readers’ Favorite – Reviewer Kelly Santana
“…a delightful plot….teaches important lessons on strengths and weaknesses, conservation and safety…the characters are captivating…This is the first book in the Mystic Princesses series, and I cannot wait for the next princesses’ adventure to come. Young girls will love The Mystic Princesses adventure on their bedside table.”


 Reader Reviews:

“I loved this book for a few reasons. I loved the fantasy aspect. These princess really know how to have fun. They slide down rainbows, take pictures underwater, and swim with dolphins. Another reason I loved this book is that there are a lot of valuable life lessons in it. The book talks about self-defense, being aware of your surroundings, and not being so confident that you end up putting yourself or others at risk. Oh, and these princesses don’t need anyone to rescue them. They are strong, smart, and resourceful. They’ll make fantastic role models for any child to emulate.” – Girl and Dogs Review

“…The Mystic Princesses features strong female role models in the main characters; many important life lessons for the target audience; and the promise of great adventure in the books to come. I did feel that this book is very much an introduction to the characters and to the overall plot. It is clear that the author has the next few books planned out and I’d like to see what will happen next and how the girls will work together using their magical powers to thwart the Children of Ares from capturing Harmonie…”- Renee at Mother Daughter Book Reviews:

What a great find! My daughter was thrilled to explore the captivating adventures of the princesses! She was entranced by the princesses and loved learning a bit about the Greek mythology that made them unique characters. She would stop at each illustration to tell me about the characters. I thought it was a great adventure, and loved the illustrations! I highly recommend this book!” – Elizabeth Bostic

This well written and colorfully illustrated chapter book is the start of a series I am excited about. Geared towards children ages 8-10, young readers will stretch their imagination following the adventures of the Children of Ares. This is a story of friendship and teamwork and about how girls can be independent Princesses without needing rescued from a Prince.” – January Gray

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