Tell Me How You Say Good Night by Teddy O’Malley and Angie Dickens

Tell Me How You Say Good Night

Tell Me How You Say Goodnight

The Mystic Princesses love to read. And their latest venture was a picture book called Tell Me How You Say Good Night geared toward younger children. But that did not stop the princesses from sharing their opinions about the book.

“I’ve always wanted a puppy!” Harmonie said. “This book has so many cute puppy pictures. How will I ever choose which kind of dog if I get to have one?”

“The book made me want to take a nap,” Janna said.

“Yes!” Breanna agreed. “I did too. That means it will help children fall asleep at night.”

Catie said that she liked the different languages and thought that it made something educational fun, as well.

And Coral summed up their book club discussion by saying that she thought small children would love to read that book at bedtime every night.  She finished by saying, “I wish we’d had that book when I was younger.”

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