5 Bedtime Stories for National Bird Day

“Hey, look!” Janna said pointing at the calendar of unusual holidays she received for Christmas. “January 5th is National Bird Day.  The day was set aside to help educate people about birds’ issues.”

“Let’s read some books about birds,” Catie added.

“Yes!” the rest of the girls agreed.

Janna, the Earth element, is the daughter of Mother Nature and will grow to command all land animals. And Catie, the Air element, is Goddess Iris’ daughter. Because of this Catie can turn the Mystic Princesses into birds. So it is only natural that they’d want to read about birds. They looked in their ereader and found several books.

Mr. Blue4 Books for National Bird Day by Priscilla Whitaker
Published April 19, 2013
Pages 30

“Mr. Blue is a complete book of pictures about a blue heron,” Catie said smiling, who loves painting.

“It’s educational, and the pictures are beautiful,” Coral added. “What do you think, Janna?”

“I love that it showed Mr. Blue playing games. That was fun!”

“And it showed how he eats and keeps his feathers clean,” Breanna said.

Harmonie added that see Mr. Blue’s pictures made her want to visit the wetlands where blue heron’s live.



Grandpa Hates the Bird The Battle BeginsGRANDPA HATES THE BIRD: The Battle Begins by Eve Yohalem
Published September 12, 2011
Pages 10

“Oh my gosh that bird is hilarious!” Janna said after the girls read this ebook.

“I’ve never read a book from a bird’s point of view before,” Catie added.

Breanna laughed and said it was a good thing that birds can’t throw fire balls, or it might have singed Grandpa’s moustache.

“I was surprised there weren’t any pictures,” Coral said.

Harmonie added that she didn’t think she needed pictures because the bird was so descriptive as it told the tale of its week staying with Grandpa while his family was away from home.


I ThinkI Think by Kristin Iten
Published May 3, 2015
Pages 36

“What a fun book,” Janna exclaimed.

“Yes,” Coral added. “It is perfect for toddlers to help them think about how they are different than others.”

“The pictures went with each of the three short stories perfectly,” Catie said.

“Well, I think , I THINK makes one think,” Breana said laughing at her own joke.

Harmonie summed up the Mystic Princesses thoughts when she said, “Parents should definitely take a look at this book for their younger children.”



CullooCulloo by Murielle Cyr
Published March 29, 2013
Pages 57

Reading Culloo created a discussion amongst the girls about cultural heritage and respect for the environment.

“I was sad that Tala’s and Dason’s father was missing,” Harmonie said.

“But, Tala did a great job taking care of her brother while they looked for their father,” Catie replied.

“I think they should have trusted their neighbor and asked for help,” Coral said.

“I don’t! She thought their neighbor would have them put in foster care,” Breanna stated as she st0mped her foot.

“I liked the message of conservation,” Janna added.

“I want to see the Culloo bird,” Catie said toward the end of the discussion. “It sounds scary, but fun. And I liked that it became their protector.”

“Sometimes learning our cultural history is a little scary,” Harmonie replied. “I’d like to know more about mine.”



Between the StarsBetween the Stars by D M Potter
Published November 13, 2015
Pages 178

“I heard about an interactive book series at school today,” Catie said. “It’s called You Say Which Way.”

“How does it work?” Harmonie asked.

“The reader starts the story and decision points are presented through out the book. The next section of the story plot depends on the reader’s selection.”

“That sounds like fun!” Coral said. “Let’s add one of the books so that we can read it later.”

“Here’s one that sounds adventurous,” Janna said. “One of it’s reviews by Patricia T says, ‘Wow! What an imagination the author has! She really seems to have a sense of adventure and is in tune as to what kids will find exciting. What child does not dream of space travel and all the experiences that it would lead to.  I love the concept of sleep jelly. It would be so cool to wake up with more knowledge and to automatically know how to do things.  D. M. Potter has written a magical book that allows kids to choose how the adventure will unfold. It is also such fun to have a girl be in charge for a change! Unique characters, lots of action and space travel all make this a fun and entertaining book that kids will love.'”

“It has a bird and dolphin on the cover, so it must be good,” Breanna said laughing. “Let’s go read it now.”


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