Duke & Michel: a Humorous Pre-Teen Book Series

I beg you, please help the Duke & Michel: a Humorous Pre-Teen Book Series to live on.  Having met cabbage throwing, slug-commander Elias Zapple online about a year ago, I knew his books would appeal to pre-teen boys. Skateboards, snot, farts and insults fill his Duke & Michel books.  And it is widely known by a few more than three parents that boys sometimes need encouragement when it comes to reading. I wish his books had been around when my nephew was a pre-teen.

Elias, who plans to rule the world with his army of slugs, like most writers, is facing an enormous obstacle. His slugs eat his cabbage. And by cabbage, I mean dollars, dinero, pesos, euros and pounds. They are evil slimy creatures invading one’s tea. In fact, I was threatened by his army if I didn’t organize a group of blogger friends to help raise awareness of Elias’s Indiegogo campaign. Just kidding.

You see, Zapple needs your help to get the word out. His next book, Duke &  Michel: Return of the Nibbles, may never see the light of day as it is quite expensive to publish one’s own books what with websites to run, illustrators, editors and slugs to feed. He has an Indiegogo campaign here to help fund his book.

We hope you, as parents, see this as a symbiotic relationship. We love to write. And some kids hate to read. These books can help your pre-teens to overcome that reluctance. I guarantee you that Zapple’s books will be a hit whether your kids love to read or not. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself. He has set another book, Nicu – The Littlest Vampire in Fangless free here.

Nicu Fangless



The Buzz about Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor


Duke & Michel: a Humorous Pre-Teen Book Series

“What a fun read! My kids absolutely loved this story. Everything from the characters, the plot, the way it ended – everything. I will definitely recommend it to my fellow parent friends as I am sure their children will love it as well.” ~~ Amazon review by Mandus


“This was a great read for grandma and the boys. I like the originality. It’s not the same old, same old. It’s a wild and funny adventure that takes readers to different worlds. And the illustrations are very well done. Totally entertaining!” ~~ Amazon review by OCMD Bookworm

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This book rocks 38 reviews with an average 4.8 stars on Amazon.com.

The Buzz about Duke & Michel: The King Tingaling Painting

Duke and Michel King Tingaling


“Another really good book by this author. The imagination used in writing this is amazing! I didn’t want to put it down. Having read the first book, I had already developed an affection for the characters. The whole concept of the changing worlds is really good. And the characters really come to life through both this and the first book. I loved Boris in the story! As for Duke, as annoying as he can be I’m totally in love with him! These books are ripe for turning into films (any film makers reading this?!). Really imaginative, exciting and magical reading. Recommended. ” Amazon Top 50 Reviewer by SM

“What a fun sequel to “Duke and Michel: The Mysterious Corridor”! I loved the humor, the fast pace, and the unique adventures written in a style that reminds me of Roald Dahl. I enjoyed the first book, and I looked forward to reading this one. Salvador von Virst is a memorable character as is King Tingaling, the gold-leafed walls and all! The theme of a king not being satisfied with his portrait due to lack of dignity in the portrait is always timely and a good lesson on politics and humility for kids of any age. While the characters in the two books overlap, this is its own adventure and can be read on its own. Excellently fun and exciting book!” ~~ Amazon Reviewer Warrior Princess

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King Tingaling’s 32 reviews have a cool 4.9 star average rating.

Once you’ve downloaded and read your free copy of Nicu – The Littlest Vampire in Fangless, won’t you consider helping Elias Zapple to further entertain your children by donating to his Indiegogo campaign here? Even the amount of an ebook download will help, if enough people pitch in.

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