Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm (Mr. Pish Educational Series) by K. S. Brooks

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm by K. S. Brooks has generated a lively discussion in the Mystic Princess book club.

Mr. Pish Goes to the Farm by KS Brooks“Mr. Pish is so cute!” Janna exclaimed.

“I know. I want a dog like that,” Coral agreed. “I’ve never been able to have a dog since I’ve lived underwater most of my life.”

“Let’s get back to the book review,” Harmonie laughed.

“I love the format of the book,” Catie said.

“You would. You are the artist,” Breanna joked.

“I agree. It’s so original,” Janna added, defending Catie.

“Yes, the way Mr. Pish goes on a trip and sends postcards home that describe his adventure is a fun way to read,” Harmonie agreed.

“It is very entertaining and educational,” Catie said.


Mr. Pish goes to the Farm is a picture book for young children. But the Mystic Princesses think others will have fun reading it, as well.

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