The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Necklace


Janna walked into the bedroom and found Harmonie standing in front of the mirror. Harmonie, who was Aphrodite’s daughter, had the power to make people feel happy. But today, tears slid slowly down Harmonie’s cheeks. Janna saw that Harmonie was staring at her neck in the mirror.

“Where is your heart necklace?”

“I don’t know. I’ve looked everywhere. How will I reach my brother Eros without it?” The necklace had a spell on it, which allowed Harmonie to call Eros if she needed to see him.

The remaining Mystic Princesses, Catie, Coral and Breanna heard them talking and came into the bedroom. When Catie asked why Harmonie was crying, Janna told the others that Harmonie’s necklace was missing. They weren’t used to Harmonie being upset and wanted to help her.

“When did you last see your necklace?” Coral asked.

“Yesterday morning.”

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Necklace


Breanna told Harmonie that the girls would help her find her necklace. She said they needed to go everywhere they’d gone the day before. So they asked Coral’s father, King Neptune, for permission to go out. After he said yes, they all put on their bathing suits and left Coral’s underwater castle.

Since Coral is King Neptune’s daughter, she can command sea creatures. She can also help the girls swim underwater without scuba gear. Coral called to her favorite dolphin, Daring Dolphin and asked her to bring four friends. Each girl climbed on a dolphins’ back and clung to its dorsal fin. They began the trip to the beach on Kauai.

“Daring Dolphin,” Coral said, “we need to follow exactly the same path as yesterday. We are looking for Harmonie’s necklace.”

Dolphin Riders - right side up


The dolphins whistled their understanding and dove deeply into the blue-green water. The girls searched the ocean floor. Then the dolphins swam upward and soared into the sky with the girls on their backs. They twisted and dove into the deep water again. Soon, the dolphins reached the place where the girls had decided to ride Catie’s rainbows the rest of the way to Kauai. Coral asked the dolphins to continue swimming with them to the beach.

Catie, who is the Goddess Iris’ daughter, concentrated hard. Suddenly, her rainbow appeared. It looked exactly the way it had the day before. Then she thought about birds and all of the girls turned into birds. The color of each bird’s feathers matched each girl’s hair.

The birds flew to the top of the rainbow and changed back into their human forms. The Mystic Princesses slipped along the rainbow slide gliding into the water. They continued to search the ocean floor for the missing necklace. Still, they did not find it. Then they swam to the water’s surface and Catie made another rainbow. Janna asked whether Harmonie remembered having the necklace when they slid down Catie’s rainbows the day before.

“Yes,” she said tears welling in her eyes. “I remember holding the leather strap in my beak as I flew to the top of the rainbows.”

“Great!” Breanna said. “That means we are on the right path. Let’s keep looking.”

The girls continued to turn from human to bird and back to human giggling in delight as they slid down the rainbows. They searched, swam, and finally arrived at the beach where they’d played hide-and-seek the day before.

“Where did you hide, Harmonie?” Catie asked. “We never found you.”

“That’s because Janna hid me in the scrub brush over by the sand dunes. I blended in so well, you never saw me.” Janna, who is Mother Nature’s daughter, can turn the girls into flowers and bushes to blend into the landscape.


The girls ran toward the scrub brush. As their feet pounded on the sand dunes, they heard the oddest noise. It sounded like dogs barking. They stopped and stared at each other in surprise.

“I’ve never heard the sand make a barking noise,” Coral said. “Now I understand this beach’s nickname, Barking Sands Beach.”

The girls stomped around the sand dunes laughing at the barking sands. Then they searched the scrub brush and Harmonie spotted the necklace first. That’s because she knew where she’d been standing. She’d forgotten to put her necklace in her pocket before Janna hid her among the bushes.

Breanna, who is Pele’s daughter, can control fire and throw fireballs. To the other girls’ delight, she tossed a fireball into the air. It splintered into small sparkling fire works that spelled out “YAY!” The girl laughed when they saw the fireball and were relieved that Harmonie found her heart and was happy again.

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