The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 4

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 The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 4

“I guess Scary Shark is up to his old tricks,” Janna said.

“Let’s follow him,” Harmonie said. “Maybe there is a reason he took the turkey. Things aren’t always as they seem.”

Since Coral helps the girls swim underwater without scuba gear, they were able to follow Scary Shark. They swam quietly so he wouldn’t hear them, and were surprised when they arrived at his shiver!

“I brought food for tomorrow,” he said.

“Son, your brothers and sisters are hungry and will be happy to have food,” his mother said. “I’m afraid to ask where you got a turkey as that is most unusual.”

“It is a delicacy for those who walk on land,” he confessed. “And I took it from those who have enough to give it to my brothers and sisters, who are hungry. The others won’t miss it.”

“Stealing is wrong, even if it is for the right reason. You must return it first thing tomorrow. I am quite disappointed in you.”

Scary Shark was sad that he upset his mom when he was trying to help his brother and sister. It was terrible seeing them go to bed hungry at night. The next morning he planned to return the turkey, but the princesses had a different plan.

The Mystic Princesses swam back to the castle to get the time travel watch. They wanted to find a way to help Scary Shark without him knowing that they’d seen his secret. Not being able to provide for one’s family hurts. They now knew that it was possible that he acted like a bully because he was hungry and he didn’t know how to help his family.

“Let’s go back to earlier today before Scary Shark stole the turkey. We will meet him while he is on the way to Coral’s house,” Catie said.

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 4
Illustration from The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool

Coral agreed. “When we see Scary Shark we will invite him and his family to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. My father won’t mind. We will tell Scary Shark that Chronos is joining us and we think he would like Chronos. He won’t need to know that we have found his secret.”

“Yes, sometimes bullies act that way to preserve their pride,” Harmonie agreed.

The girls were thankful they solved the case of the missing turkey and found a way to make Scary Shark feel better.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mystic Princesses!


Discussion Questions


1. What can you do to ensure you have the correct information before forming an opinion?

2. What can you do to help people who are hungry?

3.  Why are you thankful?

4. When did you last tell a special person that you appreciate them?

5. Who has made you happy and who have you made happy?


The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2

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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2

The Original Thanksgiving

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2The Mystic Princesses awoke to find themselves lying in a cornfield. “Where are we?” Coral asked the others. The last thing she remembered was twisting the crown of the watch that Chronos, the God of Time, had given to her.

“The watch must have made us fall asleep while we were transported back in time,” Coral said. “Now that’s the way to travel.”

Catie, who is the Goddess Iris’ daughter said, “Hey! I like traveling on my rainbows.”

“Yes, it is fun when you turn us into birds, and we fly to the top of the rainbows and slide down,” Harmonie said trying to make Catie feel better.

“I don’t know, but I think we might be at the original Thanksgiving. Look over there,” Breanna said.

The Mystic Princesses looked toward the direction Breanna gestured and gasped. They saw deer, corn, and shellfish laid across wooden tables. It seemed that the settlers and Indians were having a feast.

“Look at our clothes!” Janna said. “We are dressed like the early settlers over there.” The girls noticed that the settlers’ clothes were brightly colored and that the men did not have buckles on their shoes.

Stories Change Over Time

“We were only supposed to go back one day and find our turkey,” Catie said. “I wonder why we are here. Nearly everything we’ve been taught is a lie.”

“I don’t think our history books meant to lie to us,” Janna said. “But perhaps we can see how stories change as they get told over time, depending on the storyteller’s beliefs and the records that are available at the time.”

“Wow, that’s a lot to think about. At least they have turkey,” Breanna said.

“Well, Janna’s mom is Mother Nature, so she was probably watching over the first Thanksgiving,” Coral said.

“Yes, my mom has told me all of this before. But no one wanted to hear it because it went against everything they’d been taught.”

“Perhaps we should do our own research and check the source in the future before we believe everything we are told,” Harmonie added.

“That certainly applies to information we read on the internet,” Catie said.

“Our turkey isn’t here. Let’s try again,” Coral said winding the crown of the time travel watch. “I hope we get our normal clothes back when we go home.”

The princesses laid down to get ready for their next adventure because they didn’t want to fall when the time travel watch made them sleep again.


An Activity While You Wait For Your Turkey

The Mystic Princesses have special powers from their mythological parents.  Can you match the princesses to their powers? The answers can be found here, but please try to match them first.



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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1

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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1“It’s time to make the turkey,” King Neptune called out as he went to the kitchen.

The Mystic Princesses washed their hands and met King Neptune. Harmonie opened the refrigerator and saw a gaping hole where the turkey was sitting the night before. “Where’s the turkey?”

“In the refrigerator, where we left it.””

”Umm, no it isn’t.”

The other girls rushed to the refrigerator and stared at the empty space.  “Well this is going to be a rotten Thanksgiving,” Breanna said.

“It will be what you make it,” King Neptune replied. “If you look for the bad, it will be bad. If you look for something good, you will see the good.”

“I wonder if anything else is missing,” Catie said as she headed  toward the living room.

”We’ll check the other rooms,” Janna said.

King Neptune and the Mystic Princesses inventoried the castle and met in the living room, where they discussed each room they’d checked and learned nothing else was missing. The girls were puzzled by the missing turkey. They were also upset that they would not celebrate with their traditional feast.


The old Grandfather Clock chimed and shook rattling the door open and spilling the God Chronos onto the floor. “When are you going to get a new clock, Neptune?” He laughed as he straightened his hair and clothes.

“Chronos, how wonderful you could make it! I am afraid we will have to improvise our dinner a bit though. Our turkey seems to be missing.”

“Then I’m glad I came. I might be able to help.” Chronos pulled an old watch from his pocket and handed it to Neptune’s daughter, Coral.

She turned it over and looked at the inscription. “Today is a but one moment in limited time. Be thankful now for those you love, because love is forever.”

“May I ask who gave this to you?”

“I just had it made for all of you.”

The girls stared at Chronos and asked why they’d need a pocket watch.

“It’s not just a watch. If you turn the nob on the side, which is called the crown, it will allow you to travel through time. Perhaps you can go back to yesterday and find your missing turkey.”

“What if we can’t find our way back to today?”

“Oh, you will be fine. Just keep trying. Make it an adventure. Find your turkey, and when you get home, we will have dinner.”


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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1


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Potential Movie Rights Contract

Potential Movie Rights Contract


Potential Movie Rights Contract

Several years ago I had a dream, a crazy dream, but with encouragement from friends and family, I decided to go for it. I wanted to write a children’s book series. With the convenience of the internet, I began making lists of all that I needed to learn.  The list seemed insurmountable, but as with any list, if one takes a step at a time, it is possible. I wrote the book, found an editor and published on

The Mystic Princesses were more than a dream!


Reviews help sell books, so I sought feedback from trusted organizations. I entered my books into the Writers’ Digest Self-Published Book Awards contest. And I submitted them to IndieBRAG, LLC for review. The reviews came back and I was ecstatic with the messages. They listed a few things that could be improved, which I incorporated.

And then the email of my dreams came. I woke up one morning a few months ago and found a message that a studio was interested in a potential movie rights contract.  I’m honored to have been considered. With a little fanfare and a lot of grateful feelings, here is the message:

Dear PJ,

I am trying to track down the film/TV rights to your Mystic Princesses books. Do you have an agent or manager who handles the film/TV rights on your behalf? If so, would you be so kind as to forward me their contact information? We have a database for film/TV rights to books, and one of our clients was interested in your series. I can be reached at e****er@r********* Thank you and best wishes.

Next, I corresponded with the firm that contacted me, as well as found an agent and an attorney willing to assist with negotiations. However, it didn’t work out, but I thought I’d share the message anyway.

So my message for you is: follow your dream! You never know where it might lead if you don’t try. And if you do try, with a lot of hard work, surrounding yourself with professionals in the field, research and some luck sprinkled in, you could hit the jackpot.

The Mystic Princesses and the Olympic Games

The Mystic Princesses and the
Olympic Games


The princesses lounged in PJ’s living room as they watched the summer Olympics at PJ’s house, eating popcorn and talking about their favorite sports.

“Mine is synchronized diving,” Coral said. Coral is King Neptune’s daughter, so it wasn’t surprising that she would love a water sport.

Catie said she loves gymnastics. The girls fly like birds. Catie’s mom, Iris, used rainbows to relay messages to the gods. Catie inherited her mom’s power to make rainbows, and being the air element, can also turn the girls into birds.

Breanna chimed in and said her favorite is track and field, but that she liked the shot put the best.  She thought it would be funny if the athletes had to throw flaming shots. Then she added that she loves the torch ceremony. She is Pele’s daughter and can throw fireballs and turn the girls into torches.

The Mystic Princesses and the Olympic Games
(from Microsoft Clip Art)

Janna said equestrian dressage was her favorite.  That’s where the horse and rider complete assigned steps from memory, and Janna will grow up to command all of the land animals, like her mom, Mother Nature. She would have an unfair advantage since she can talk to the animals, so Janna knew she’d never compete in the sport.

The girls were all surprised when Harmonie said she liked that the Olympics promote peace and goodwill across the countries but that her favorite sports are boxing and judo.

“Why? That seems so violent and goes against your ability to make people feel peaceful,” Janna asked.

The Original Greek Olympic Games


“Well, wrestling was one of the original Greek Olympic games, but with my dad being Ares, the God of War, so I guess I just want to find a sport of which he would approve.”

The girls were still a bit shocked, and Coral asked Harmonie how she thought Harmonie’s mom, Aphrodite, would feel about that since Aphrodite is the goddess of love.

“The Olympics don’t have a competitive sport for making people feel happy. And, she loves my dad, so she’ll still love me when I finally get to meet her!”

Olympic Rings as Hearts
(from Microsoft Clip Art)

The princesses felt sad for Harmonie, so they decided to hold their own Olympics. Breanna turned Coral into a torch and ran around the block before handing the torch to Janna. After running around, they all felt better and went inside to watch more of the Olympics.

Emoji Adventures Volume 1 The Horse Party

Emoji Adventures Volume 1 The Horse Party Book Blast


BeachBoundBooks is pleased to coordinate the Emoji Adventures Volume 1 The Horse Party Book Blast. This book is a children’s adventure book written by P. T. Evans. The blast will run June 20 – June 22, 2016.



About the Book

Title: Emoji Adventures Volume 1: The Horse Party | Author: P.T. Evans | Genre: Children’s Adventure | Number of Pages: 108 | Publisher: Montage Publishing | Publication Date: February 21, 2016

Book Description: OBSESSED WITH EMOJIS? LOL with your favorite emojis as they come to life in this fun, new series. Follow Annie with the constant smile; Kevin, her devilish brother; Billy, poop head and BFF; and Dot, the love-struck jock as they make their way through Emoji Elementary. amazon2 What others have to say about the book… “I LOVE this book! The dialogue is witty (and LOL funny); the characters are endearing; and the theme is universally sweet. The author has created a unique experience, blending modern inventions of emojis with classic lessons for kids (and, truly, all of us). It would make a fun read-aloud as well! Definitely a winner.” – Robin (Amazon)

“This book is darling! My girls fell in love with Annie and her emoji buddies! We can’t wait for the next installment so we can laugh and keep on reading!!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“The Emoji Adventures combines things that a lot of kids love- silly characters, fun storylines and emojis!” – Amazon Reviewer

Montage Publishing Summer Reading Program


“We at Montage Publishing are committed to creating quality books for children; as parents and educators, we’re also aware of the academic backslide that can happen during summer. We’ve created some worksheets, a reading log, and a certificate of achievement to be used alongside our EMOJI ADVENTURES series. Feel free to use them as they are or adapt them to your specific needs. To further encourage summer reading, we’re having a drawing for two sets of EMOJI ADVENTURES books – one for the winning student; one for his/her library.” To print worksheets and enter the drawing visit

About the Author: P.T. Evans

Emoji Adventures Volume 1 The Horse Party Book Blast P.T. Evans has been writing books for children under various names for two decades. With seventeen novels, numerous author visits, and state reading awards, Evans’ books have been translated into two dozen languages.

Website | Amazon |Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram

Book Blast Giveaway

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Mystic Princesses and the Fireball

Continued from this post.

PJ, Eros and the Mystic Princesses’ parents have gathered in PJ’s living room because the Children of Ares sent a ransom note after kidnapping the girls. The group worried quietly, but Athena was the first to speak. “It’s going to be okay. Remember, while we were in New Orleans,  I taught the girls the acronym SKARED. They will find a way to free themselves from the Children of Ares.”

The Mystic Princesses and the Fireball

“And they learned self-defense techniques while living in my underwater castle near Kauai,” King Neptune added.

Just then the door burst open, and the girls ran into the room and Harmonie said, “You should have seen Breanna. She was amazing!”

“Yes,” Janna chimed in. “The Children of Ares tricked the principal at our school. They told him they wanted to read to the class for Children’s Book Day. Then they separated us into groups to play hide-and-seek because the book was about playing outside.”

Breanna's Fireball copy“They trapped us in rope nets, but they forgot Breanna can throw fireballs,” Coral laughed. “So she waited until they were gone and lit the nets on fire above our heads.”

“Then Catie took over,” Breanna added. “She turned us all into birds so that we’d be smaller and wouldn’t get burned. As soon as a hole was big enough we each flew out of the nets.”

“You girls are so smart,” Athena said. “I’m proud of you for remaining calm and finding a way out of a scary situation.”


MP Symbols

The Mystic Princesses and the Ransom Note

The circular path of footprints in PJ’s carpet showed she’d been pacing the floor the last two hours. Where were the Mystic Princesses? They hadn’t come home from school nor had the police found them. She heard the sound of the postman dropping her mail through the slot and ran to the front door. She quickly scanned the postcard, noting its Jester City, Texas postmark. PJ immediately picked up the phone even though the note said she shouldn’t call the police. Next, she called the princesses’ parents, Eros and Athena.

How will PJ find the missing Mystic Princesses?

MP Kidnapped Postcard copy



The Mystic Princesses and the Secret Garden


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The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool was awarded the indieBRAG Medallion after passing their rigorous tests of excellence. If you’d like to know more about the indieBRAG review process, please visit their website.

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Three Books for Appreciate a Dragon Day

“Guess what, PJ!” Janna said. ” I found these three books for Appreciate a Dragon Day. Can we buy?”

“Let’s take a look at the reviews and decide which books to buy.”

The Mystic Princesses talked PJ into buying all three of the books about dragons, hurried to their desks to finish their homework. PJ was strict about school work so they didn’t try to sneak a peek at the dragon books. Fingers flew across their keyboards, five pairs of eyes took turns straying to their ereaders and the numbers on the clock crept slowly toward the evening. After finishing their homework, having dinner and cleaning the kitchen, PJ finally allowed the girls to begin reading.

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5 Bedtime Stories for National Bird Day

“Hey, look!” Janna said pointing at the calendar of unusual holidays she received for Christmas. “January 5th is National Bird Day.  The day was set aside to help educate people about birds’ issues.”

“Let’s read some books about birds,” Catie added.

“Yes!” the rest of the girls agreed.

Janna, the Earth element, is the daughter of Mother Nature and will grow to command all land animals. And Catie, the Air element, is Goddess Iris’ daughter. Because of this Catie can turn the Mystic Princesses into birds. So it is only natural that they’d want to read about birds. They looked in their ereader and found several books.

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Merry Christmas from the Mystic Princesses

Christmas - Happy Holidays

“Girls, will you please wish our readers Merry Christmas in your native languages?” PJ requested.

“I was born in Hawaii,” Breanna said. “We say Mele Kalikimaka. What do you say Catie?”

“In Louisiana, we speak many Cajun French dialects. My family says, Joyeux Noël.”

Harmonie and Janna chimed in together saying, “Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.”

“I was born in Hawaii, like Breanna, but my mom is from Japan. So we say Meri Kurisumasu,” Coral added.

“As you can see here, even in America, we have different traditions. And, if you look world wide, there are many more. But, no matter how you celebrate, may it be wonderful!” PJ said.

Merry Christmas from The Mystic Princesses


The Mystic Princesses and the Black Halloween Cats

The Mystic Princesses and the Black Halloween Cats“What did you do at school today?” PJ asked the Mystic Princesses while they ate their after school snack of bananas, peanut butter, crackers and milk so cold it would cause brain freeze if they drank it too quickly.

“One our friends brought her cat today for show and tell,” Catie answered before taking another bite of her banana.

The girls told PJ that the cat’s name was Magic because it was black and their friend found it right after Halloween the prior year.

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