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5 Bedtime Stories for National Bird Day

“Hey, look!” Janna said pointing at the calendar of unusual holidays she received for Christmas. “January 5th is National Bird Day.  The day was set aside to help educate people about birds’ issues.”

“Let’s read some books about birds,” Catie added.

“Yes!” the rest of the girls agreed.

Janna, the Earth element, is the daughter of Mother Nature and will grow to command all land animals. And Catie, the Air element, is Goddess Iris’ daughter. Because of this Catie can turn the Mystic Princesses into birds. So it is only natural that they’d want to read about birds. They looked in their ereader and found several books.

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Odd Sock’s BIG Scottish Adventure by Melinda Kinsman

Odd Sock's BIG Scottish AdventureThe Mystic Princesses looked up from reading Odd Sock’s BIG Scottish Adventure to talk to PJ for a moment.

“PJ you have to take us hiking with you like Odd Sock went with M,” Janna said.

“Yes,” Breanna added. “Janna and I have seen mountains and waterfalls, but the others haven’t.”

“But first, you have to make sure and go over all the hiking rules with us like M does for Odd Sock,” Harmonie said a little cautiously. She was a city girl from New York and wasn’t sure about crossing rivers using just three ropes.

“Oh, and I forgot to say that I was happy when M explained the saying ‘take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints,'” Janna added. “I wish people would do that in my home, Yellowstone National Park.”

“We will be okay,” Coral said. “Just think of all the fun we could have if PJ were to take us on vacation the way M took Odd Sock.”

“Aren’t we supposed to go to Yellowstone some time?” Catie asked.

“Finish reading your book for now, and I’ll think of when to take you hiking,” PJ answered as she smiled at the girls.

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Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures by Teddy O’Malley

Destiny and Faith Summer AdventuresThe Mystic Princesses are talking about the latest chapter book they read, Destiny and Faith’s Summer Adventures by Teddy O’Malley. As usual, they all have plenty to say.

“I’ve always wanted a twin sister,” Harmonie said. “That way I’d always have a friend.”

“Oh, you’ve got us,” Coral replied. “We’ll never leave you.”

“I liked the ghost hunting part,” Catie said returning to the book discussion. “It was funny when the ghost scared them.”

“I thought the funniest part was when they were cleaning the attic,” Janna said. “Cobwebs and spiders don’t scare me.”

“I liked that they found a job teaching their friends American Sign Language,” Breanna said. “Being able to include Dustin who is deaf, in their conversations must have made him feel welcome, even though he just moved into the neighborhood.”

The princesses decided they liked this book so much, they asked PJ to download all of Teddy O’Malley’s other eBooks. They want to read them, as well.


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Culloo by Murielle Cyr

CullooThe princesses read Culloo by Murielle Cyr today. It has created a discussion about cultural heritage and respect for the environment.

“I was sad that Tala’s and Dason’s father was missing,” Harmonie said.

“But, Tala did a great job taking care of her brother while they looked for their father,” Catie replied.

“I think they should have trusted their neighbor and asked for help,” Coral said.

“I don’t! She thought their neighbor would have them put in foster care,” Breanna stated as she st0mped her foot.

“I liked the message of conservation,” Janna added.

“I want to see the Culloo bird,” Catie said toward the end of the discussion. “It sounds scary, but fun.”

“Sometimes learning our cultural history is a little scary,” Harmonie replied. “I’d like to know more about mine.”


Culloo is an early reader chapter book that younger children will enjoy if you read with them.

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The Battle for Princess Madeline by Kirstin Pulioff

The Battle For Princess Madeline by Kirstin Pulioff

The princesses finished reading The Battle for Princess Madeline by Kirstin Pulioff. It is the second book in the Princess Madeline series.

“Ooh, I liked this book even better than the first,” Harmonie said. “Because Princess Madeline learns more about her mother.”

“Well, I liked it because it talked about fire breathing dragons,” Breanna said.

“Of course, you’d like the dragon, since you throw fire balls,” Coral replied.

“I bet I could throw one at the dragon and make it leave the Kingdom of Soron alone,” Breanna added.

“Maybe that’s not the real answer,” Harmonie said quietly.

“I like these books so much, I think they should be made into movies!” Catie said.


The Battle for Princess Madeline is the second book in the Princess Madeline trilogy. It is a middle grade fairy tale that adults will love, as well. The princesses liked it so much, they recommended that PJ buy the series for her niece’s birthday present.

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Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore by Barbara Ann Mojica

Little Miss History Goes to Mount Rushmore by Barbara Ann MojicaThe princesses read Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore by Barbara Ann Mojica in school today. What did you read?

“History is so much more fun when you can relate to it,” Coral said.

“I think Little Miss History got her hiking boots at the same place as you, Janna,” Breanna teased.

“Hmm, they do look like mine,” Janna agreed. “But let’s get back to talking about the book.”

“Mount Rushmore is cool,” Harmonie said. “Let’s ask if we can go there sometime.”

“Hey, maybe when we go to Yellowstone, your mom will take us,” Catie said to Janna.

“They aren’t very close together,” Janna replied. “But she might take us, anyway.”

“Aren’t you going to say anything about the pictures, Catie?” Janna teased. “You are the art critic of the group.”

“I happen to love the pictures,” Catie replied. “Thanks for asking.”


Little Miss History Travels to Mount Rushmore is an educational picture book for both pre-school and young school aged children.

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