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The Mystic Princesses Go Camping

Breanna Bloom 8th Birthday
Happy Birthday, Breanna!


“Where would you like to go on vacation, Breanna?”

“Janna talked about a place called Gorges State Park. Can we go there, Mom?”

“Of course. I’ll call Janna’s mom and find out more about it.”

Later that day, Pele called Mother Nature and learned that Gorges State Park is in North Carolina. The day hikes range from easy to strenuous and the campground is primitive, having only eight campsites, but not having running water for the bathrooms.┬áPele asked the girls whether that was a place they wanted to stay for Breanna’s birthday.

“Yes!” Janna replied quickly. She’d grown up in Yellowstone National Park and was used to camping.

“No!” Harmonie and Catie said. They were both city girls and couldn’t imagine a weekend without running water.

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