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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2

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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2

The Original Thanksgiving

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 2The Mystic Princesses awoke to find themselves lying in a cornfield. “Where are we?” Coral asked the others. The last thing she remembered was twisting the crown of the watch that Chronos, the God of Time, had given to her.

“The watch must have made us fall asleep while we were transported back in time,” Coral said. “Now that’s the way to travel.”

Catie, who is the Goddess Iris’ daughter said, “Hey! I like traveling on my rainbows.”

“Yes, it is fun when you turn us into birds, and we fly to the top of the rainbows and slide down,” Harmonie said trying to make Catie feel better.

“I don’t know, but I think we might be at the original Thanksgiving. Look over there,” Breanna said.

The Mystic Princesses looked toward the direction Breanna gestured and gasped. They saw deer, corn, and shellfish laid across wooden tables. It seemed that the settlers and Indians were having a feast.

“Look at our clothes!” Janna said. “We are dressed like the early settlers over there.” The girls noticed that the settlers’ clothes were brightly colored and that the men did not have buckles on their shoes.

Stories Change Over Time

“We were only supposed to go back one day and find our turkey,” Catie said. “I wonder why we are here. Nearly everything we’ve been taught is a lie.”

“I don’t think our history books meant to lie to us,” Janna said. “But perhaps we can see how stories change as they get told over time, depending on the storyteller’s beliefs and the records that are available at the time.”

“Wow, that’s a lot to think about. At least they have turkey,” Breanna said.

“Well, Janna’s mom is Mother Nature, so she was probably watching over the first Thanksgiving,” Coral said.

“Yes, my mom has told me all of this before. But no one wanted to hear it because it went against everything they’d been taught.”

“Perhaps we should do our own research and check the source in the future before we believe everything we are told,” Harmonie added.

“That certainly applies to information we read on the internet,” Catie said.

“Our turkey isn’t here. Let’s try again,” Coral said winding the crown of the time travel watch. “I hope we get our normal clothes back when we go home.”

The princesses laid down to get ready for their next adventure because they didn’t want to fall when the time travel watch made them sleep again.


An Activity While You Wait For Your Turkey

The Mystic Princesses have special powers from their mythological parents.  Can you match the princesses to their powers? The answers can be found here, but please try to match them first.



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