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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1

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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1“It’s time to make the turkey,” King Neptune called out as he went to the kitchen.

The Mystic Princesses washed their hands and met King Neptune. Harmonie opened the refrigerator and saw a gaping hole where the turkey was sitting the night before. “Where’s the turkey?”

“In the refrigerator, where we left it.””

”Umm, no it isn’t.”

The other girls rushed to the refrigerator and stared at the empty space.  “Well this is going to be a rotten Thanksgiving,” Breanna said.

“It will be what you make it,” King Neptune replied. “If you look for the bad, it will be bad. If you look for something good, you will see the good.”

“I wonder if anything else is missing,” Catie said as she headed  toward the living room.

”We’ll check the other rooms,” Janna said.

King Neptune and the Mystic Princesses inventoried the castle and met in the living room, where they discussed each room they’d checked and learned nothing else was missing. The girls were puzzled by the missing turkey. They were also upset that they would not celebrate with their traditional feast.


The old Grandfather Clock chimed and shook rattling the door open and spilling the God Chronos onto the floor. “When are you going to get a new clock, Neptune?” He laughed as he straightened his hair and clothes.

“Chronos, how wonderful you could make it! I am afraid we will have to improvise our dinner a bit though. Our turkey seems to be missing.”

“Then I’m glad I came. I might be able to help.” Chronos pulled an old watch from his pocket and handed it to Neptune’s daughter, Coral.

She turned it over and looked at the inscription. “Today is a but one moment in limited time. Be thankful now for those you love, because love is forever.”

“May I ask who gave this to you?”

“I just had it made for all of you.”

The girls stared at Chronos and asked why they’d need a pocket watch.

“It’s not just a watch. If you turn the nob on the side, which is called the crown, it will allow you to travel through time. Perhaps you can go back to yesterday and find your missing turkey.”

“What if we can’t find our way back to today?”

“Oh, you will be fine. Just keep trying. Make it an adventure. Find your turkey, and when you get home, we will have dinner.”


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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 1


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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Necklace


Janna walked into the bedroom and found Harmonie standing in front of the mirror. Harmonie, who was Aphrodite’s daughter, had the power to make people feel happy. But today, tears slid slowly down Harmonie’s cheeks. Janna saw that Harmonie was staring at her neck in the mirror.

“Where is your heart necklace?”

“I don’t know. I’ve looked everywhere. How will I reach my brother Eros without it?” The necklace had a spell on it, which allowed Harmonie to call Eros if she needed to see him.

The remaining Mystic Princesses, Catie, Coral and Breanna heard them talking and came into the bedroom. When Catie asked why Harmonie was crying, Janna told the others that Harmonie’s necklace was missing. They weren’t used to Harmonie being upset and wanted to help her.

“When did you last see your necklace?” Coral asked.

“Yesterday morning.”

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Necklace


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