The Mystic Princesses and the Black Halloween Cats

The Mystic Princesses and the Black Halloween Cats“What did you do at school today?” PJ asked the Mystic Princesses while they ate their after school snack of bananas, peanut butter, crackers and milk so cold it would cause brain freeze if they drank it too quickly.

“One our friends brought her cat today for show and tell,” Catie answered before taking another bite of her banana.

The girls told PJ that the cat’s name was Magic because it was black and their friend found it right after Halloween the prior year.

Breanna said, “Magic’s fur was softer than cotton balls and blacker than the ink in the pen I left in my pocket when you washed the clothes last week.”

“Don’t remind PJ about that. Remember how mad she was?” Coral whispered. “She might not let us get a cat.”

“What’s that about getting a cat?” PJ asked overhearing Coral’s remark.

“We want to get a black cat like Magic for Halloween,” Harmonie said.

Halloween Happy Cat Spider PumpkinPJ explained to the girls that they might have to wait to get a black cat. Some people are superstitious and even hurt black cats on Halloween. Some shelters hide black cats from potential new owners for the cats’ safety. She pointed out that their friend found Magic after Halloween, which was probably because Magic’s original owners no longer wanted her after the holiday was over. PJ also told the girls that names like Magic contribute to the superstitions.

“That’s horrible!” Janna said tearing up at the thought of people hurting or abandoning animals. Janna, who is Mother Nature’s daughter, has a special bond with animals allowing Janna to control them.

“We won’t name it a superstitious name if you let us get a cat,” Breanna said.

“Please, please, please,” all of the girls chimed in at once.

“Okay,” PJ laughed. “I’ve missed having a cat, too. Let me call to find out whether we can get one now, or if we have to wait because we are so close to Halloween. They might not have any black cats right now, but they will have other cats that need homes.”

The girls shuffled from one foot to another while PJ called the shelter. They’d loved petting Magic and wanted to get a cat of their own. They hoped for a black cat because they’d fallen in love with Magic’s yellow eyes which shined brightly against her dark silky fur.

“It looks like we are in luck,” PJ told the girls. “The shelter has two black cats they were just about to move to the back so they wouldn’t be seen. When I told them that five loving girls wanted a new pet, they said they’d let us look at the cats. They didn’t want to prevent the cats from finding a loving new family.”

As they drove to the shelter, PJ asked the girls what they’d name their new cat if they were to bring one home. They came up with several traditional names for black cats like Midnight, Pepper, Inky, and Coal. But then Catie thought of Twilight, which was a little different.

“Ooh, that’s it!” Janna said. PJ and the other girls agreed that Twilight might be the right name, but PJ told them that people often wait to name their pets until they’ve met. Sometimes names based on the pet’s characteristics fit better.

When they arrived at the shelter, they were taken to a small room and both black cats were brought in to meet PJ and the girls. The cats played with each other, the toys in the room and with the girls. They stalked, ran and chased each other tumbling together into one hilarious black blur.

“PJ, do we have to pick just one?” Harmonie asked. She couldn’t bear to separate the two cats, as they were sisters. She didn’t want the cats to be lonely without each other.

“Yes, PJ. How can we possibly choose?” Janna chimed in. “They are both so cute and look how much they love each other.”

“What will happen to the other one if we don’t adopt them both?” Coral asked the shelter worker.

“It might be here for a while,” the worker answered. “Many people do not like black cats. And some are mean to black cats at Halloween.”

“Let’s take them both,” PJ told the girls. “But now we have to think of another name on the way home.”

“Yay!” Catie said.

“I’m not sure Twilight’s the right name,” Janna said. “Look how this cat always stalks the other cat.”

“And the second cat is so sweet and snuggly,” Harmonie said.

Candy-Corn Trick or Treat“PJ was right,” Breanna said. “Their personalities do help name them. I think I’ve got it. Can we call one ‘Trick’ because she is mischievous and the other ‘Treat’ since she is so sweet?”

“Yes!” all of the girls agreed at once.

They put the cats in their cat carriers and drove home talking about how much fun they would have with their new cats and that they’d have to find a way to tell the two apart.

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