The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 3

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The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 3

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 3

The Mystic Princesses opened their eyes and wondered if they had made it to the day before Thanksgiving when Coral wound the time travel watch this time. Yes! They were in Coral’s living room and not colonial America. They ran to the computer to check the date on the screen and saw that it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

“Well, I can say I’m grateful for being back during our time period,” Breanna said. “It was hot wearing those clothes. And I’m thankful for air conditioning and heating.”

“Let’s go in the kitchen and see if the turkey is there,” Coral said.

The girls rushed to the kitchen and saw that the turkey was in the refrigerator. They decided to wait until they discovered what happened to the turkey. While they waited, they talked about Thanksgiving’s history and what the day means to them.

What, or who, makes you thankful?

“That we have food and a place to live,” Coral said.

“We get to travel to each other’s houses,” Breanna said. “I’m looking forward to everyone coming to my house. There is so much to show you on the Big Island of Hawaii. And I want to take you to a luau, which is a traditional Hawaiian feast.”

“According to our history lessons, the Pilgrims came to colonies because they didn’t have religious freedom,” Janna said. My mom tells me that isn’t the whole story. But I am glad we can choose how we worship.”

“Me too,” Harmonie said. “Our ancestors were all immigrants at one point. And people are all different.  For example, we all look different and are from different places, but we get along.”

“I’m thankful that our parents let us stay together to protect you, Harmonie,” Catie said. “You are all my best friends.”

“And I’m thankful for all of  you!” Harmonie said. “But I do wish I could be with my mom and brother.”

Then Breanna exclaimed, “Look!” as she pointed at the refrigerator. They hadn’t noticed that the door was open slightly, or that the school bully, Scary Shark, had snuck inside and nudged the door the rest of the way. The girls watched as he opened his toothy mouth, grab the turkey and swim away.

“I guess Scary Shark is up to his old tricks,” Janna said.

“Let’s follow him,” Harmonie said. “Maybe there is a reason he took the turkey.”

A Traditional Hawaiian Feast

The Mystic Princesses and the Missing Turkey Part 3
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