The Mystic Princesses and the Olympic Games

The Mystic Princesses and the
Olympic Games


The princesses lounged in PJ’s living room as they watched the summer Olympics at PJ’s house, eating popcorn and talking about their favorite sports.

“Mine is synchronized diving,” Coral said. Coral is King Neptune’s daughter, so it wasn’t surprising that she would love a water sport.

Catie said she loves gymnastics. The girls fly like birds. Catie’s mom, Iris, used rainbows to relay messages to the gods. Catie inherited her mom’s power to make rainbows, and being the air element, can also turn the girls into birds.

Breanna chimed in and said her favorite is track and field, but that she liked the shot put the best.  She thought it would be funny if the athletes had to throw flaming shots. Then she added that she loves the torch ceremony. She is Pele’s daughter and can throw fireballs and turn the girls into torches.

The Mystic Princesses and the Olympic Games
(from Microsoft Clip Art)

Janna said equestrian dressage was her favorite.  That’s where the horse and rider complete assigned steps from memory, and Janna will grow up to command all of the land animals, like her mom, Mother Nature. She would have an unfair advantage since she can talk to the animals, so Janna knew she’d never compete in the sport.

The girls were all surprised when Harmonie said she liked that the Olympics promote peace and goodwill across the countries but that her favorite sports are boxing and judo.

“Why? That seems so violent and goes against your ability to make people feel peaceful,” Janna asked.

The Original Greek Olympic Games


“Well, wrestling was one of the original Greek Olympic games, but with my dad being Ares, the God of War, so I guess I just want to find a sport of which he would approve.”

The girls were still a bit shocked, and Coral asked Harmonie how she thought Harmonie’s mom, Aphrodite, would feel about that since Aphrodite is the goddess of love.

“The Olympics don’t have a competitive sport for making people feel happy. And, she loves my dad, so she’ll still love me when I finally get to meet her!”

Olympic Rings as Hearts
(from Microsoft Clip Art)

The princesses felt sad for Harmonie, so they decided to hold their own Olympics. Breanna turned Coral into a torch and ran around the block before handing the torch to Janna. After running around, they all felt better and went inside to watch more of the Olympics.