Three Books for Appreciate a Dragon Day

“Guess what, PJ!” Janna said. ” I found these three books for Appreciate a Dragon Day. Can we buy?”

“Let’s take a look at the reviews and decide which books to buy.”

The Mystic Princesses talked PJ into buying all three of the books about dragons, hurried to their desks to finish their homework. PJ was strict about school work so they didn’t try to sneak a peek at the dragon books. Fingers flew across their keyboards, five pairs of eyes took turns straying to their ereaders and the numbers on the clock crept slowly toward the evening. After finishing their homework, having dinner and cleaning the kitchen, PJ finally allowed the girls to begin reading.

Four Books for Appreciate a Dragon DayHow I Met My Pet Dragon by John Dorey
Published June 29, 2015
Pages 48
Chapter Book

“I hope I never find a dragon after an earthquake,” Catie said.

But Janna wasn’t worried about that. She will grow to control all of the creatures on Earth because she is Mother Nature’s daughter.  “I liked Spark, the dragon. He was funny.”

Coral said she thought Jed was going to have to buy a bunch of inexpensive pants if Spark continues to warm Jed’s rear end and burning Jed’s pants as a joke.

The girls all agreed that the humor in this book made the book a fun read.



The Prince and His DragonThe Prince and His Dragon by Melinda Kinsman
Published September 4, 2015
Pages 40
Picture Book

“I like this picture book because it teaches children to help others,” Harmonie said. “I bet we all know what Breanna liked, though.”

“Flinto, the Dragon, of course. I can throw fireballs since I’m Pele’s daughter, but Flinto learns to breathe fire. Cool!”

“No, that’s HOT,” Catie said teasing Breanna.



Jelly Bean the Dragon

JellyBean the Dragon by Elias Zapple
Published September 8, 2013
Pages 93
Chapter Book

“My cheeks hurt from smiling so much,” Janna said rubbing her face.

“Me, too!” the other girls agreed.

“I liked that Emma was a little girl, but was already an astronaut,” Coral said. “What was your favorite part, Harmonie?”

“We all know dragons can fly, but they can also have issues that may make them different than other dragons. Like Jellybean’s wings aren’t working properly. I think children with physical challenges might like this book. It doesn’t make a big deal of the differences, but it might give parents a chance to talk to their children.”

“Wow, Harmonie. That is thoughtful. I was going to say I liked that Jellybean colorful since he is red and green,” Catie said. “You haven’t said what you like Breanna.”

“You haven’t figured out that I like dragons in every story?”

The girls laughed, put away their ereaders and got ready for bed. They dreamed of soaring over puffy white clouds on the backs of fire-breathing dragons.



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